These Are The Best Drones Of 2017

We’ve compiled this list with the average consumer in mind, numbering from 10 to 1, without comprising quality over price! If you’d like to see more, follow our youtube channel to see the video review of these coming soon!

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DJI Mavic Pro Drone

DJI really has outdone themselves when it comes to this drone, it’s got amazing camera capabilities, combined with a even more mindblowing size! This is perfect for going on vacation, or carrying in your bag and realize that sunset has to be captured for your next masterpiece! The above picture shows all of the additional items you’ll get with this pack as well, so right from the start you have everything you need to learn to fly and keep flying far into the future.

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AUTEL Robotics X-STAR 4K Drone

A little less known in the drone market compared to the famous DJI, but a very fair competitor in the terms of technology. This model is more competitive with the DJI’s larger Phantom model, but with this sacrifice in size, you get quite the incentive in the wallet. Even with the larger size, it’s gotten outstanding reviews for its durability and likeness to DJI’s Models. This is definitely a great option with an even better price!

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F100 Ghost Drone

A great drone at more of the entry level of drones, the F100 allows for a 1080P camera to be flown with it, with 30 minutes of flight time in the almost $200 range currently it’s a great buy. It’s received very good reviews recently and for the price point I can’t really complain, with brushless motors it’s a pretty good deal! 

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Contixo F17+ RC Quadcopter Photography Drone 4K 

Now this drone’s name is extremely long as listed below on the list, but it’s actually an amazing combo. Coming in with the mid $200 range currently, it allows for a gopro to be mounted if you want to up the camera quality even more, but it comes with two extra batteries and a carrying bag to make it easier to transport and less awkward carrying around! 

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DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone Quadcopter Starters Bundle

Coming in at the $400-$500 price range currently, this drone is semi pricey, but for what you’re getting its great! This bundle gives you everything you need for the foreseeable future, and longer flights with battery packs, SD cards, and extra blades! I would definetly give the reviews on this a look, they’re absoultely impeccable for how small this drone is! It’s got a built in stablizer to cut down size and weight, but you honestly can’t tell the different between DJI’s other stabilizers! 

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DJI Phantom P3-STANDARD Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Video Camera 

Alas! The Original Drone, the DJI Phantom P3, with a 2.7k video on board! Better than most TVs can even handle right now, while it’s behind the 4k of its other siblings, the Phantom P3 may be slightly aged, but it was far ahead of its competitors at the time, and still is a good buy today. Coming in at the $500 range currently, but for what you’re getting with DJI, it’s definitely worth the buy in our opinion.

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SQS Xiaomi Collapsible Quadcopter Drone, Selfie WIFI FPV Built-in GPS,4K HD&3-Axis Gimbal Camera-Aerial Photography Beginner Drone(New 4k Edition)

That title is a lot to take in! But you won’t be disappointed, this relatively new model with 4K comes with some really mind blowing features along with the FPV features! When the battery starts to drain, it will return to you, as well with many other modes such as circling an object with the GPS features!

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